About us

Why Norwatt is different

Norwatt`s secret is to offer global solutions in a personalized manner throughout the life of any installation whilst adpating to the specific needs of each client.

Focus on the client

Many companies in this sector are manufacturers and as such, recommended their own products for every aspect of an installation. As an independent company, we are able to look for the best possible solution for our clients – by suggesting different brand options for individual parts and offering combinations of equipment best adapted to specific needs – rather than using the portfolio of only one manufacturer.

International experience

We are able to provide service all over the world. Our equipment and design systems are present in more than 45 countries, demonstrating our knowledge and experience in handling logistics, customs procedures, varying national electricity systems & packaging certification.

Solutions -  more than products

We don’t only sell products - our main endeavour is to provide clients with solutions specifically tailored to their needs. Contact us, detailing your problem and we will be pleased to offer you free no-obligation advice. Norwatt will be by your side for each stage of your project, from analysis and choosing design options to the final start-up and subsequent maintenance of the installation.


We are able to offer maintenance services on demand and under contract, and have extensive experience in this field. These services include installation, start-up, periodic inspections, on-demand assistance, agreed intervention times and 24-hour telephone service, as well as preventative corrective maintenance for both batteries and equipment.


We are able to arrange the collection and transport of used products to recycling treatment plants, as well as provide the appropriate certificates in the name of the owner of the installation the producer responsible for the waste product.


We organize tailor-made courses in our facilities so that our clients, designed to train staff in the correct use and maintenance of our products.

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