PDF File Library

Here we have compiled a library of PDF files containing technical information, handbooks,  datasheets and example calculations.  To access each file you just have to click on the title.  If you would like any further clarifications, please send an email to and we will reply as soon as possible.

Presentación de Empresa

Company credentials English

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Technical Information

MSDS Material Safety Datasheets

This Battery Information Sheet is provided solely as an information document for the purpose of assisting our customers.

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The system is capable of integrate any type of generation system in both grid-connected and isolated plants. Fully-configurable by the end user, which enables full independence for the different manufacturers. Different generation systems (thermal, solar, wind power...) or storage (any battery technology) can be managed in a unified way. It also guarantees full synchronization and interoperability with the systems installed later, regardless of the model and manufacturer used.

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Calculation Examples

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